At Muxton, we are committed to broad, rich curriculum which will inspire and enthuse children. Every child has access to balanced and rich curriculum that is designed to open their eyes to different cultures and different ways of life and being a member of a global community.

Our curriculum actively promotes British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs throughout the school.
We also believe that the curriculum should provide additional experiences and activities which enrich the statutory requirements of the national curriculum and therefore provide a variety of engaging and memorable experiences for children.


The curriculum is planned using inspiring and creative starting points. Incorporating meaningful cross- curricular links between subjects in planning not only enriches children’s engagement and learning across the curriculum but also provides opportunities for children to apply and embed their reading, writing, communication and mathematical skills in a wide variety of contexts.
Through careful, systematic planning, we ensure that our curriculum has an appropriate balance of creativity and rigour. Teachers use their thorough and deep knowledge and assessment of prior learning to ensure appropriate continuity and progression for children and their learning.
The national curriculum programmes of study are used for each year group to ensure that the pitch and expectations of the planning are appropriate to secure good progress for all children. Whilst there is a brisk and rigorous pace to planning and teaching, there will be opportunities for children to broaden and deepen their knowledge, skills and understanding through a ‘mastery’ approach. This will not, however, mean unnecessary repetition of work or low levels of challenge.
Wherever possible, planning is a collaborative process within teaching teams to share ideas and good practice and ensure consistency across year groups. Our CPD programme ensures that all staff have thorough knowledge of the curriculum which is regularly updated.